What is the comfortable material of the scarf? What material scarf good scarf to buy tips to share

Scarves come in handy during the cold autumn and winter months, especially when it's windy. But the material of the scarf is too much, such as silk scarf, cashmere scarf, cotton and linen scarf, fur scarf and so on, so what material scarf is good? How to choose a scarf? Next, Xiaobian for you to share several common materials of scarf and scarf shopping tips, to help you choose your own scarf, not afraid of the cold wind beautiful travel.

Q: What are the good scarf materials
A: Scarves are popular in autumn and winter. They are made of many materials, such as wool, cotton, silk, silk, acrylic, polyester, blended, fur, artificial wool, artificial cotton, and animal tail. So what's a good scarf material? In fact, the material of the scarf is all-encompassing, and it is the most important to choose the material suitable for yourself among many materials. Here's a look at four of the most common types of scarves: knitted, silk, linen and cotton, and fur, how they compare and how they fit together.


Knitting scarf
The knitted scarf gives a delicate feeling and reminds people of romantic Korean dramas. Matching, because of the unique texture of the scarf, so more suitable for matching tweed and other clothes not eye-catching. The DRESS UP OF WHOLE BODY IS AROUND AMONG DELICATE KNIT WIND, GIVE A PERSON VERY COMFORTABLE SWEET FEELING.

Silk scarves
Silk is a popular material for a long time. This material will highlight the gloss of the skin and easily bring out the elegant and intellectual taste. Therefore, when choosing a silk scarf, you should consider your own skin color. Girls with yellow skin or dry skin should not choose such texture as the main material.

Cotton and linen scarf
The scarf with the texture of cotton and linen shows a strong affinity, and the texture is relatively close to the skin around is very comfortable, and the collocation is also a more versatile type, because of the plain and unadorned material, it is very good to match clothes. This is also what kind of scarf to choose a personal versatile material scarf.

Fur scarf
Fur scarf is usually fixed with leather coat, different girls wearing fur scarf will have a different taste, take the affinity route of beauty suggested to choose a simple color, highlighting lovely and fresh, more want to highlight the personal style of girls will choose natural fur, uneven color is the first choice.

Cashmere scarf
Silk scarves

How to choose the right scarf
Scarf and Skin Tone
1. People with yellow skin color should wear light yellow, pink, medium gray, light gray blue and other light and soft scarves, instead of dark red, dark purple, yellow, dark green and other colors;
2, dark skin color, should not choose dark red, dark purple, dark gray, black and other dark color scarf, and choose light gray, lake blue, rose and other colors as the best;
3, white skin, choose a wide range of colors, dark gray, red and other dark colors will make the skin color more white, pale yellow, pink and other light colors can make you especially harmonic soft.
4, people with dark skin should not choose a light color scarf, neutral color is better, and people with white skin should choose a softer color scarf.

Scarf and Figure
1, tall and burly person, choose a longer and wider silk scarf is more beautiful and generous; Short and slender choose the moderate length and width of the silk scarf appears symmetrical and agile. In addition, the size of the tied flower should be commensurate with the figure.
2, short and fat, large bust people should choose simple pattern, dark color, tone single loose knit scarf or silk scarf, because dark has the effect of narrowing the visual sense to convergence. And THE FRIEND OF THIN FIGURE APPROPRIATE CHOOSES THE SCARF OF PATTERN DESIGN CONCISE AND simple, PLAIN AND elegant, BUT COLOR SHOULD CHOOSE WARM COLOR.
3, concave chest and chest circumference is not big people choose jacquard style, soft texture, fluffy, give a rich sense of scarf is appropriate.
4, narrow or slip shoulder people, choose lengthened scarf, scarf both ends of the oblique hang on the shoulder to the back, the visual will make the shoulder relatively broad.
5, the neck is long, men choose to thicken and lengthen the scarf, in order to surround the neck and shoulder, make the neck short; And women should use loose around the neck of the silk scarf, color and blouse close to.

Look at brands and fabrics
1, to choose a reputation, quality, reputation of the brand, do not randomly choose no factory address, trademark and not marked cashmere content of the scarf. Look at the quality of the product, if it is cashmere, quality of the appearance of soft luster, suede plump, strong sense of hair, the surface of the velvet has a layer of fine velvet, transverse and longitudinal coil density uniform, in the light to look after is more obvious.
2, when buying, want to use the hand to weigh in hand, pinch, some fabrics with this method can test the quality. Cashmere IS A VERY SOFT FABRIC, LIGHT THAN WOOL, flexibility is VERY good, so when you buy can be hand KNEAD a PINCH, HEFTING a HEFTING OBSERVATION of its recovery, which is not only the method of identifying its authenticity, but also the method of identifying its advantages and disadvantages.

Post time: Sep-19-2022