What are the classifications and materials of knitted hats? Knitted hat custom price difference reasons

The weather is getting cold, although the autumn and winter hats, there are a large number of novel Lei Feng hat, beret, thickened baseball cap and big velvet hat, many MM or only love wool hat and knitting hat, a good wool hat and knitting hat must have a good hat type and material, knitting hat classification and material have what?
Autumn/Winter hats - Knitted hats
Autumn and winter hat new interpretation: knitted hat classification
Classification of knitted caps: dome knitted caps
The style of the dome knitted hat is relatively simple, mainly in the knitting method of the hat, some will also use some decorations on the outside of the hat, so that the hat becomes simple but not simple.
Classification of knitted caps: ball knitted caps
There is a small ball of wool on the top of the knitted hat, which can show the wearer's special cute. Some hats have balls on the body. This hat is suitable for girls, and it looks good with coats or down jackets.
Classification of knitting hat: knitting hat with brim
The knitted hat with a brim refers to the hat with a brim in front of the wool hat. The design of this knitted hat shows the wearer's fashion personality. This hat can keep warm and block the sun at the same time.
Classification of knitting caps: ear-protection wool caps
The ear protection wool hat is similar to the Lei Feng hat, but it is younger than the Lei Feng hat. Its classic ear protection design is not only fashionable, but also very warm. It is especially suitable for traveling in cold winter.


What material does knit cap use better?
Knitting hat material is as diverse as kind, common material is wool hat and velvet knitting hat two categories. The yarn used in the wool hat usually refers to the yarn spun from wool, but also the yarn spun from different kinds of chemical fiber materials, such as acrylic fiber, polyester fiber, cotton, etc. The wool products of different materials can be generally distinguished by only a lighter. Plush knitted hat is usually selected for cashmere or imitation cashmere.

Knit hat material: wool hat subclass
Wool cap Subclass: COTTON Material: 100%COTTON
When the cotton thread is burning, there will be a smell of burning paper, the flame is orange, there is blue smoke, the wool does not shrink or melt, the fire source left, it can continue to burn, there is a small amount of gray powder, powder is soft, and the hand lightly touches the fan.
WOOL cap: WOOL fiber: 100%WOOL
Near the fire, the wool will immediately curl and slowly dissolve, the flame orange, a kind of hair burning smoke, the particles of shiny amorphous shape of the block, loose and brittle and rough, the hand mill immediately pulverized.
Wool cap Subcategory: POLYESTER fiber: POLYESTER
Close to the flame melting shrinkage after melting, smoke, slow combustion; The flame is yellow-white, and continues to burn when it leaves the flame, and sometimes goes out by itself; Smell: special aromatic sweet; Residue description: hard black round beads.
Wool hat sub-category: NYLON fiber: NYLON
Near the flame: melting; Contact with flame: melt, smoke; To self-extinguish; Smell: amino taste; Residue characteristics: hard light brown transparent round beads.
Acrylic fiber: near the flame: melting shrinkage; Contact with flame: melt, smoke; To go on burning with black smoke; Smell: spicy; Residue characteristics: black irregular beads, fragile.
Wool cap subclass: POLYPROPLENE
Polypropylene fiber: near the flame: melting; Contact flame: melting, burning; To continue burning; Smell: paraffin smell; Residue characteristics: white hard transparent beads.

Knit hat material: plush hat type
Plush hat category: cashmere
Cashmere refers to cashmere, is long in the outer skin of the goat, covering the root of the goat hair of a thin layer of fine cashmere. Winter cold time out, resist wind chill, fall off after spring warming, natural adaptation to the climate. Cashmere only grows on goats.
Plush hat category: sheep wool
Many people refer to the fine wool of sheep, which is similar to the characteristics of cashmere, as fleece. In fact, sheep do not have fleece. Fleece is actually a kind of high-quality wool.
Plush hat category: imitation cashmere
It IS MADE OF NYLON AFTER special treatment, so that it has the smooth, soft and elastic feel of natural cashmere, and has excellent dyeing properties of nylon, called imitation cashmere. This product has a brighter and richer colour than natural cashmere. But in the actual wearing still can not get rid of the problem of acrylic static electricity.
Plush hat category: rabbit plush
The fine hairs at the root of the rabbit hair. The fleece free fiber is fine, the fleece feeling is strong, the surface scales are neat and clean, and it concentrates the softness of cashmere and the waxy and slippery advantages of real silk. In addition, rabbit fleece fiber is a pith cavity layer with porous structure, so its heat preservation property is twice that of wool, and its moisture absorption property is better than other natural fibers, and it has the health property of skin maintenance. Now there are color rabbit velvet, the price is more expensive than the general rabbit velvet.
Different materials, hat type knitted hat customization and matching, all in the new interpretation of hat.

The reason for the price difference of knitted hat customization:
Knitted hat is in recent years, autumn and winter hat fashion items, has been very popular and indispensable hat style, knitted hat orders every year are very large, new interpretation hat manufacturers are very busy, this year is no exception. There are many customers do not understand the same is a knitted hat, why there is such a big difference in price, especially why children's knitted hat is higher than adult knitted hat custom price?
The reasons for the price difference of knitted hat customization are as follows:
1. The difference of customized fabric of knitting cap: wool, plush, pure cotton, 90% plush + other blends
2. Custom accessories and accessories for knit caps
3. Fine workmanship degree of knitted hat
4. Custom design of knitting cap
5. Customized number of knitted caps

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