Tips for wearing knitted hat

In daily life, how to choose the hat you need, the most suitable match. Our content today is beautiful knitted hats! How to wear a knitted hat? Knitted hat is like a winter jacket that makes you feel warm. Knitted hats are also a very popular accessory nowadays, with a variety of knitted hats always make the outfit match the finishing touch!

The process of using knitting needles to form coils of various materials and yarns and then connecting them into knitted fabrics. Knitted fabric is soft in texture, has good crease resistance and permeability, and has greater extensibility and elasticity, comfortable to wear. Knitwear products can also be used in industry and agriculture, medical care and national defense, etc. Knitting is divided into manual knitting and machine knitting. Manual knitting needle use, a long history, exquisite skills, flexible flower shape, widely spread and development in the folk.

Knitting Fabric is created by bending one or more weft-fed yarns into a series of loops using a Needle. The new loops are then Looping over the previous ones.

1. Hat shape is very important!! Don't choose the knitted hat with thin and sparse thread! It's really not textured, and it looks like its head is collapsed!


2. It's better to wear a simple logo on the colored knitted hat, otherwise it will give people a very ugly feeling.


3. In terms of hairstyle, the egg roll head or two pigtails match the knitted hat very well~


4. Sort out all kinds of folds to create the feeling of a round head covering the face. The face shrugged and became smaller.


5.Remember to show half of your eyebrows. Don't keep your eyebrows out of the light. It's like going out to steal money Don't show it all. If the thrush technology is at its peak and the eyebrows and eyes are super good-looking, the beauty will look good in everything she wears


6. Add accessories appropriately after wearing, such as glasses / masks. Wear makeup if you don't want to In fact, I can't hold the sense of atmosphere.


Post time: Apr-24-2022