If you can’t split a knit hat, you should be able to wear it

In the cold winter, hats should be necessary for many people to go out of the street, keep warm and wind away, and not be messy in the bleak and cold weather. It is not only practical, but also a good hat can add appearance color to the model.
Now there are many hats to choose from, such as the baseball cap suitable for all seasons, the gentleman's top hat with full style, the artistic and elegant fisherman's hat
However, if you want to ask the most suitable hat with the "silver wrap" collocation, I'm afraid you have to ask a knit hat.
Unlike the formal tradition of the top hat, the fisherman's hat is difficult to control, the baseball cap is commonplace, and the knit hat's warm wool texture is a perfect combination with the thick clothes of autumn and winter.

But when it comes to knitted caps, we all know that this is just a general term. There are also cold hats, sailor hats, deck hats and so on, which are also confused.
Cold hat is the most classic knitted hat, pointed cap crown, although not too pointed, after wearing will leave a part of space on the head, so it also appears longer and higher.

knit hat1

Sailor Hat is a popular Miki Hat in recent years, with deck Hat, landlord Hat actually refers to the same kind of flat cap without brim, relatively fit the head, the material is more canvas, tannin, and winter common knitting wool.

knit hat2

Of course, you don't have to remember the "high spire" and "flat dome", which are the key to choosing a knit hat that fits your face shape and how to match them "brilliantly".

01, how to choose a knit cap?
First, the sailor hat.
The sailor cap, arguably the most suitable for Asians, is not just in the knit cap.
Flat top not raised it, fit the head, relatively speaking will not be so jump off, almost wait for you to do not wear a hat, it is difficult to roll over, suitable for the vast majority of face.
It's also one of the few hats available for people with larger heads, so you can rest assured that the sailor cap doesn't put extra weight on your head compared to the brim style.
But if you have a round face, you should be careful. Wearing it will probably make your face and head look more rounded.
With that in mind, you might like the cold hat better.
A cold hat is a blessing for round-faced people. The raised crown of the hat will elongate the contour of your face so that it doesn't look too round.
Furthermore, the face is relatively thin, and the cheekbone contour itself is very obvious and agile, in general, such a face is naturally suitable for wearing a variety of hats, but here the leaf is more recommended that you choose a cold hat, especially thick knit style.
Any heavy knit item will have a thick and warm style effect, and as a hat to wear, it will make your face more delicate and gentle, softening your own too cold sharp image feeling.
And, no matter what face shape, some people are born with high, convex foreheads.
If you want to cover this up with a hat style, a cold hat without a brim and a sailor hat are actually better for you than a brim hat.
Either way, there is a hat hem in the knit hat. This structure can occupy a part of the high forehead well, and because of its prominence, it can make your facial features more delicate and delicate.

02. Knit cap, "catalytic" autumn and winter style

In the now more than ever everyone wear the same alike, a proper knitted caps, no doubt to as a "catalyst" modelling of qiu dong, break the balance, have different style.
For example, many men are hesitant to experiment with colorful, bright items, at least when it comes to clothing, so they don't have to be so cautious when it comes to hats, especially if they are knitted hats.
Because of its low quality, the knitted fabrics have a superior "solid wear sex", that is to say, to wear on the head, even if is the color of the past is difficult to hold again, this time all have no so-called.
And bright color hat is also easy to form an obvious color difference level with clothes, not only highlights the completion of the Look, the top of the head color can also very well brighten the overall sense of color, especially those in autumn and winter especially love to wear black and gray clothing men, will not become dull and boring.
You can also match the cap in the color of the interior.
Although the contrast here is weaker, there is a stronger hierarchical connection between the style and the body shape, which can also make you look sideways.
For those who really don't want to wear color, don't ditch the knit cap, because you can also get an "all-in-one" look, where the cap is the exact same color as the garment.
To be honest, wearing the same color as All Black has been common for a long time, and there is nothing unusual about it. It is for this reason that you will find that the Look will be more durable than the ordinary All Black.
In addition to a layer of Black structure for the same color hat style, the wool of the hat style often forms a different texture contrast with the clothing material, so that your All Black style content is more delicate and rich.
The same can be said for other colors, such as blue. Or, you can go in the opposite direction. If you choose a very conspicuous color, add a dark knit cap, which can play the role of layer suppression, neutralize the color and reduce the difficulty of driving.
Speaking OF knitting cap "press" effect, IN fact this also IS IT in a prominent advantage in autumn and winter collocation.
For example, if you are trying those broad Oversize coats and you are worried that they will not be able to hold up, you might as well add a knit cap on top, and you will easily find that the difference between hats and hats is huge.
The knit cap has no brim and is more wrapped around your head. It acts as a "stabilizer", allowing you to get more style to play.
On specific collocation, gentlemen and of course, don't think knitted cap went out with you.
Suit + knit hat, leaf personally thinks is the most "mix and match" combination.
Although it looks like it is not as young and rebellious as the baseball cap, but the coarse knit warmth and delicate elegance of the suit are also very contrast feeling. The ornament of the cap makes your suit style no longer stiff like "armor", and makes the gentleman with full energy have a bit of soft and casual charm, which is more charming.
For long coats, coats are a better choice than trench coats to match knitted caps, because most coats have a fabric that is closer to the cap and gives a warm texture that is fuller than a trench coat.
Knitted hats and leather jackets are also highly recommended.
Like the suit mentioned above, the texture of knitting is rough, and the leather jacket is smooth and shiny. Both of them also belong to the combination of strong mix and match feeling. With the suppression of the knit cap, the wild atmosphere of the leather jacket can also be peaceful, which is no longer a rebellious rock and roll, but the combination of movement and movement, with a touch of literature and art.
Finally, a military wear enthusiast's exclusive.
As we all know, because of the problem of version fabric, military wear style is easy to look too old, too strong, that is, there is no sense of delicacy, so add a knit cap here, it is definitely a surprise.
It can not only balance the dirty old, masculine taste, can improve the level of delicacy, but also won't erode your half of the retro style, on the contrary, knitted texture it will understand your retro feelings.


Post time: Aug-23-2022