How to choose a sleeping bag

1, look at the temperature standard: temperature standard is the most important indicator of sleeping bags, usually sleeping bags are calculated in accordance with the temperature standard of men, so girls use words sleeping bag The temperature standard of the bag is generally 5 degrees higher than that of men

2, look at the material: a good sleeping bag more waterproof and breathable materials, sleeping bags with external materials to have a certain degree of waterproof, to ensure that the sleeping bag dry

3, look at the fillings: sleeping bag fillings are mainly two kinds, down and chemical fiber cotton, in addition to a single layer of down sleeping bag

4, choose the style: the shape of the sleeping bag is directly related to the sleeping bag warmth, sleep comfort and the volume of your luggage. Mainly divided into three types: mummy-shaped, semi-rectangular, envelope-shaped. The above three sleeping bags, in decreasing order from the warmth, in increasing order from the comfort.

sleeping bag

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