Four common scarf materials, do you know how to choose?

In autumn and winter, many girls will choose a scarf for themselves, not only to keep warm, but also to modify the collocation of clothing, looking more fashionable and beautiful.
But in the purchase of scarves, whether the material is suitable for their own also plays a crucial role, these common scarf materials, do you know how to choose?

1. Knit scarves
Knitted material often gives a person a delicate and warm feeling, so for the cold winter, there are many choices of this material, because of this feeling, so try to match some long coat, will easily highlight the temperament.


2. Cotton and hemp scarf

This texture scarf reveals affinity in ignorance, looks warm, and will be comfortable to wear, soft, and very versatile, simple and generous.


3. Silk scarves

Silk scarf is also a popular material for a long time, because the smooth silk can better set off the skin glossiness, so many girls will like to use silk scarf to match clothes, can highlight the good color. However, the texture of the scarf is also required, so if you have dry, dull skin, it's best to avoid textured scarves like this one.


4. Fur scarves

This kind of material scarf is generally not to match the leather coat, if you want to go so friendly and lovely style, you can choose a simple and elegant pure color, if you want to highlight the style, then you can choose a mix and match color scarf.


Post time: Nov-16-2022