Collection! Nanny level hat selection guide, according to the right ~

As a hat buying fanatic, straw hats in spring, sun hats in summer, warm wool hats in autumn and winter...... I HAVE A PERFECT PICTURE OF LIGHTNING protection, in the field of hats, I decided to bring my hat selection skills to meet you ~

Elegant wide brim

People in March are suddenly pushed into the spring, reading spring outing, picnic, kite flying... Fantasy herself is wearing a white dress, with a straw hat walking in the flowers of the movie heroine. A wide brim can blur the face, and it doesn't have to be limited when it comes to hair styles, such as French curls and long/short straight black/tan hair.
In Downton Abbey, a large number of wide brims are used to reflect the elegant temperament of aristocratic women. Even if the modern straw hat is simplified in design, it can also wear the effect of elegant temperament. So if you want to hold this temperament steady, you can stock up on this type of hat.



Vintage berets

I often see in some spy movies and TV dramas the image of female agents wearing berets and British suits. Regardless of the character, just look at the dress is very concise and capable. We like this style in the choice of beret, we need to understand the size of their own head circumference, hat circumference can be slightly larger than their own head circumference, small hat will appear in the visual effect of larger.

Is also compared with vintage newsboy cap beret and driving a little better, in the choice of time we can pay attention to the fabric hat, because the type of this kind of hat is special, choose the fabrics of moderate thickness will be more comfortable and practical, if you are a fan of retro fit, that this kind of hat must join ~ you deserve to act the role of team

Cold fisherman's hat
If you want to be cool without saying a word, then the fisherman hat is a good gas switch. When choosing this type of hat, you can combine with your face shape. The brim of the hat is slightly flat to press the contour of the face, so the round face and wide face of the sister style can be safe to enter.

In addition to paying attention to the style and color, we also need to pay attention to the hat circumference, hat shape and fabric, learn to analyze our face contour, and combine the advantages of the hat to modify and neutralize the face contour. Before choosing a hat, we must be clear about our head circumference, so that we can more accurately screen when buying a hat.

Here's another small step for sifting caps:
Measuring the head circumference -- analyzing the face shape -- Choosing the style -- looking at the hat type -- checking the size (can be larger but not smaller)

Post time: Sep-26-2022