Cap step on thunder you know how much?

Wear method the first error is a lot of girls would put all the hair away, if you put all the hair away, face will appear particularly big, like this, the effect was less than a beautification, the existence of the original cap is modify a good-looking face, this is every girl can't accept things, the right thing to do is to put some Liu Haifang.

Is too high, the second is to a hat and wear very loose, this will make your face look very big, such a hat is very wrong, because it will highlight your shortcomings, show out your advantages, you did not use a hat to you for this time of a shelter itself the role of the hair, can make you very embarrassed, The correct way is to wear the hat as far back as possible and not too loose.

The third mistake is not to wear clothes that cover up your collarbones. If you wear a hat, you should expose your collarbones. This will give you a visual sense of extension of your neck. It will make you look very tall and not too thin.

The fourth type of mistake wearing method is if your hair is soft collapse, is not suitable for wearing a hat, because this time will make you look very spirit, so in order to appear your face is small, can wash your hair first, create a hair fleeciness feeling very much, it will look very natural.

The fifth mistake is to press the brim too low. If the brim is too low, it will cover the eyebrows and make you look very listless. Therefore, when wearing a cap, the eyebrows should be put out to show the delicate features.


Post time: Sep-12-2022