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100% Acrylic Jacquard beanie hat with embroidery logo and pompom.Soft hand feeling,comfortable fitting and keep warm in winter,which is widely used in daily life like outdoor sports,fashion and promotion.Accept custom make as your design include jacquard pattern,embroidery and colors,low MOQ in 200PCS.




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The raw material of this beanie is high-quality acrylic. This makes the beanie stretchy and comfortable to wear. The extremely high stitch density guarantees high quality embroidery. Excellent jacquard technology can perfectly present the pattern.

The classic shape makes this hat timeless. Bright colors make the hat look youthful. You can match this hat with your everyday wear to make you more stylish. And it also has good thermal properties. You can use it to keep warm during winter outdoor activities.

It can be well used in any winter outdoor sports and outdoor activities. For example: outdoor running, camping, shopping, fishing, playing basketball, football, cycling, walking, traveling, etc. At the same time it is also a good choice as a promotional gift.

The basic characteristics of acrylic fiber
①Elasticity: its elasticity is better, second only to polyester, about 2 times higher than polyamide. It has good shape keeping property.
②Strength: although the strength of acrylic fiber is not as good as polyester and nylon, it is 1 ~ 2.5 times higher than wool.
③Heat resistance: the softening temperature of fiber is 190 ~ 230C, second only to polyester in synthetic fiber.
④Light resistance: Acrylic fiber has the best light resistance of all synthetic fibers in the open air exposure for one year, with only a 20% decrease in strength.
⑤Acrylic fiber is resistant to acid, oxidant and general organic solvents, but not alkali. The finished products of acrylic fiber are fluffy, warm, soft, and have good weather resistance, mildew resistance and moth-proof performance. Acrylic fiber is about 15% warmer than wool. Acrylic fiber can be blended with wool, and the products are mostly used for civil use, such as wool, blankets, knitted sportswear, tarpaulin, curtains, artificial fur, plush and so on. Acrylic fiber is also the raw material for carbon fiber, a high-tech product.


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In addition, we also provide professional customization services. We have been helping clients decorate their hats for over 20 years. You can use jacquard, embroidery, woven labels, embroidered labels, leather labels and some other ways to decorate your hat. We have professional factories to help you make hats. At the same time, our professional team can give you the best advice.

Finally, as one of the leading manufacturers in accessory in China.We have our own factories in Zhenjiang city which is near of Shanghai with convenient transportation.Our factory had passed BSCI/Disney audit,and our main market are North America,Europe and North Asia. Due to our unremitting pursuit of quality, we have had friendly and in-depth cooperation with many international brands in the past 20 years. For example: McDonald's, Starbucks, Disney, Puma, Toyota, Coca-Cola, etc.

Our Mission: To make your dreams come true!
* Welcome to send your inquiry and welcome to visit our factory!


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