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Something About Cycling Cap

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Something About Cycling Cap

As cycling continues to boom I feel that it’s part of my duty to educate and inform on the finer details of the sport. On the surface wearing the simple cycling biretta appears to be a no-brainer. What could possibly be done to mess it up? As it turns out there are many variations to wearing a cycling cap that are easy to get wrong.

A.Form and Function

The cycling cap is an essential piece of kit. It serves both form and function. It keeps the sweat or rain out of your eyes, it shields you from the low sun in the Spring and Autumn, it keeps your head warm, and last but not least, it’s part of the cyclist’s quirky look.

B.Get It Straight

It only takes a small nudge to throw the brim askew, but I can’t overstate the importance of making sure it’s sitting straight. Many cycling caps have a stripe down the middle which accentuates any asymmetries. 

The Reverse Cap

A personal rule of mine is that the cycling cap should never ever be worn backwards under the helmet. It’s just looks wrong. If it has to be done (and sometimes does), then cut the brim off. However, with the absence of a helmet it’s possible to pull off the backwards cap look if sizing is correct and it’s worn properly. Here’s a good example:

The cycling cap is a strong part of the cyclist’s quirky fashion statement and the way it is worn can make you or break you. In recent years the cycling cap has plummeted into obscurity. Wouldn’t it be great if the cycling cap returned to the podium where it should be? This can only be done if it’s seen as being cool again. Stick with these basic tips and we hopefully we’ll see it back in the spotlight like it deserves.

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